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PAD COOLING cooling system
  • PAD COOLING cooling system

PAD COOLING cooling system

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Cartridges of vaporizing cooling Cooling Pad are used in the conditions of the high external temperatures exceeding 33 °C.

The principle of work is based that the hot external air coming to hen house passes through the cartridge, consisting Shuya of corrugated pulp - and - paper sheets with various corners of corrugations on which cold water flows down. The part of water evaporates, and remained carries out function of washing of the cooling cartridge and is taken away back in pump station through system of recirculation. Thus, the air which is coming out the cartridge is at the same time humidified and cooled.

Thanks to special technology of impregnation the strong design of the cartridge of the increased durability protected from rotting and destruction is created.

Due to heat exchange with water it is possible to reduce air temperature by 7 - 12 °C which then passes through hen house in system of tunnel ventilation, effectively removing heat from a bird.

Russian producer of cartridges of vaporizing cooling! ! !

The Cooling PAD system found broad application as in egg, broiler, and in breeding poultry farming. It ideally functions on condition of the correct selection of productivity of exhaust fans, the area of cartridges, the number of water supply and the maximum sealing of the hen house excluding air "hickey" through cracks and cracks in walls and a roof of hen house - bypassing cartridges

For the southern regions of Russia the Cooling PAD cooling system, in combination with tunnel ventilation, is only an optimum way of overcoming of a thermal stress at a bird! ! !

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 22.11.2021

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